Hi, I'm a Cameraman and these are my Videos with Dancers


Choreography by Vlada Kosha 

High Heels

February 2023

Kate Liednova

NoLeaders Workshop Choreo

Freestyle + Choreography

2:20 min, March 2023

re-Styled Bolér

Rebecca Mary Narum, Irene Carreño & Dagmar Ottmann

Dance Performance

15 min, Dezember 2022

Mama Saturn

Vlada Kosha & Dance Emotion Studios

High Heel Choreography

September 2022


Rebecca & Irene

Dance Performance

15 min, Summer 2022

Bad Influence

Kate Liednova & Datamis Esfahani

Dance Choreography

2:35 min, May 2022

A Lockdown Musical

Dopeskit Crew at Blackforest Studios


7 min, April 2021