Juni 2021, 5:53 min
Paul-Aaron Wolf


Paul-Aaron Wolf:
This live piece is one of my favorites, composed and performed with my Moog 3-Tier Rack and Elektron Digitakt.
The Digitakt sequences all three synths. The DFAM plays the heavy stabs that turn into some kind of chord progression as the song progresses. Due to it’s microtonality the pitches are not quantized (something I fancy a lot about the DFAM).

The melody comes from the Mother 32. It’s sequenced by the Digitakt with altering trig conditions to get some movement.
The B-Part of the song is a 5 based polyrhythm played by the Subharmonicon. It’s tuned to a chord and triggered with the Digitakt.
The reverse sound comes from Eventide’s Ultra Tap, a very special Delay Pedal. The Tascam Model 12 helps mixing and live performing the track while I play drums.
Everything you hear and see is live. No overdubbing, just mixing and mastering.

The Video is made by Luchthansa. I am a one take visual artist par excellence.

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